What are the interesting factors for the Xposed framework?

What is meant by Xposed?

The Xposed is one of the frameworks which allow you to easily apply to add ons to the ROM. You can use it to add individual features to whatever ROM you are using. It is known as xposed.

How to install the Xposed?

There are two methods to install the Xposed. They are given by,

  1. Method 1: It will require the android device and root. The steps are given by,
  • First, you can download the application from the thread
  • Install the application normally to your device
  • Open the application and you will go to the framework section in the menu.
  • You can tap on the install/update button and then select the install option
  • Grant the root access to the Xposed installer
  • Finally, the application will be install the framework and reboot.
  1. Method 2: Magisk
  • You can download the latest xposed installer from the Magisk from the thread
  • Then open the Magisk Manager application and find the xposed in the download section
  • You can find the SDK for your android version and install the xposed module to your device
  • Finally, reboot to activate the xposed module.

How will use the xposed in your device?

The steps to use the xposed module in your device are given by,

  • First, you can open the xposed installer application on your device
  • You can open the menu and navigate to the download section of the application
  • You will browse the wide selection of modules in this application
  • Next, you can select the module want to install
  • Then swipe the version tap and click the download for the version you want to use.
  • Then open the menu of the application again and go to modules
  • Finally activate the module you were downloaded you can reboot to use the module on your device.

Best xposed module

The best ten xposed modules are given by,

  1. Amplify battery
  2. Boot manager
  3. CrappaLinks
  4. Flat style colored bars
  5. Gravity box
  6. Greenify
  7. Never sleep
  8. PinNotif
  9. Xblast tools
  10. XUIMod